Do you know of the stories around you?

If you would pause for just a minute or two to consider all the things on your mind, you would find there is alot going on.  There are memorable experiences (good and bad) in your past, alot going on right now in the present, and numerous possible things in your future.  Your life is and has been interesting.
But do you know what, so is the person’s right in the next cubicle to yours and so is the person the seat next to you on the plane, or at the table next to you at the restaurant.
If you want to amp up your enjoyment in life, let me encourage you to take off your blinders and take the time to start up a conversation with others and find out their stories.
As you do, you will expand your appreciation for the complexities of how people live their lives and you will grow in your understanding and compassion towards others.
And what’s the cost to realize these benefits?  really, just getting the courage up to say, “hello” to a stranger and to start talking AND LISTENING.
It will be worth it.

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