What can help you avoid distractions?


Life just seems to be an endless barrage of “unexpected things happening” and changes. Distractions to our comfortable plans seems almost to be a given.  So, how can we get ahead of the curve?   The answer: Focus

By taking the time to evaluate your circumstances, anticipate next steps, plan, and then prepare, our focus on accomplishing the desires of our heart are more likely to then occur and we won’t get sidetracked as much by disruptions that we can just say “no” to.    Keep your blinders on to following through on your plans.

With the topic of “Focus” in mind, I wanted to pass along this excerpt from “Do Over” by Jon Acuff.  I think you will find it interesting, and after reading it, I hope you will question your degree of FOCUS in each of the areas of your responsibility.

“I asked Bernard Pollard, who played in the NFL for many years . I asked him what the unexpected secret is to having a long career in the NFL.
Without missing a beat, he replied. “The secret is that you have to outsmart yourself. You have to get your routine. You have to get your system together as a player. The things you always do. Off-season, during the season, you have to have your list. that’s why every week I know which days I’m going to be doing weight work, cardio, sauna, ice bath, etc. I take care of my body. Some guys can’t handle the mental discipline of it, especially once they’ve made some money.”

Keep focused on the job at hand.


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