You can’t wing success


This is an excerpt from “”The Race” – Living Life on Track with Darrell Waltrip (with Kyle Freeman and Billy Mauldin):

” as any competitive racer knows, winning begins back at the shop. As Darrell Waltrip has said “if it”s not right when you get it to the track, sometimes it’s almost impossible to get it right” We cannot expect to run a good race unprepared. Many of our successes and failures in life can be traced to our preparation , or lack thereof. A race team cannot show up at a racetrack and unload a pile of metal and expecting to win a race. Likewise, we cannot reasonably expect to live our life on mission without preparing for it.”

To be good, I need to work. Simple as that. Sure, there are some people who have loads of talent and can skate by others because of their ability or their physical advantages. However, the further on they get, where  competing becomes more intense,  a person with just good, but stagnant abilities (due to a lack of discipline, hard work, and preparation) will eventually get farther and farther behind others who continue to strive to be their very best.

So, how are you doing in your preparation? How much do you strive to put in the behind the scenes hard work (in all areas of your life) ?




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