Poetry: “Island of Paradise”


For those who are used to receiving my typical posts, you will find something different in this poetry post. They come from a time of my searching.

Island of Paradise

Well, I tried to find the answers

to the questions in my heart

confused by people  and places

from them I seemed worlds apart.

My attitudes  so different

I’ve had to go my own way

daily confrontations

from the group, I would often stray.

I’ve seen people  hiding in shadows

and others docking  in the bay

those people have turned me off

lack of life is what I say.

But, then there are others

who take their ships  to the waves

riding out the currents

and its toughness that it paves

they’re in search of an island

their island of paradise

where half the challenge is getting there

serenity to entice.

Fulfilling  their destinies

as tough  as they may be

contentment is their reward

on an island in the sea.


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