Leaders, ask yourself this question: “do you have a…”


“If you are a ministry leader, ask yourself this question: do you  have a clear process  for identifying  and training up new leaders in your church, and for helping  ordinary congregation members generate  good ideas?   In “The Leadership Baton”,  Bruce Miller  points out that while  most leaders acknowledge   an urgent need  to raise up leaders  in the church,  they “have no apparent strategy for developing  (those) ideas.”   Without a clear process its unlikely to happen.”

excerpt from  “Gaining by Losing”  – J.D. Greear

Whether we are talking about a church, some other non-profit, or a for-profit business, it is imperative that top leaders in an organization be intentional about developing a new generation of leaders. Take the time to help them gain more skills, and more experience.  Work up a mentoring, leadership-develop plan and execute on it.

Not only will organizations benefit from having more competent leaders, but you also are likely to see expanded business and ministry opportunities as your leadership pool is unleashed to apply their increasing skills.


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