Too many people are pretending to be rich


I don’t know about you, but one of the things that is hard for me is when I compare myself to others.  Does anyone else have that issue?

Although God has been working on me for many years on this topic, I see the comparison/jealousy bug pop up from time to time. Whether its the size of my house, or car I drive, or my job title, or the approximate balance I have in my stock portfolio, thoughts of comparing myself to others, never seems to far away.

Every time the thought comes to my mind, I need to fall back on my convictions of what I hold to be true, that is, it really doesn’t matter what you have and what I have.  I just need to be faithful to doing my best. My self-worth is not based on my net worth, and certainly not on yours.

I also need to be careful about recognizing that sometimes appearances are not always what they seem. I’m not bringing this up as a way of making myself feel better, but to just point out an additional truth I need to tell myself often (appearances can be deceiving).

Anyway, here  is an interesting article I think you will find helpful: too many people are pretending to be rich


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