Its time to start talking to yourself


“Have you realized that most of your unhappiness in life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself instead of talking to yourself.”

quote from David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Let me encourage you to never be passive about how you want your life to be lived out.  Take responsibility. You only get to live life once.  Do you ever want to think that you could have avoided scarring regrets if you would have just taken action?

Begin acting like the “boss of you” that you are – the time is now!

  1. Make the time  to do a thorough evaluation and be brutally honest with yourself

2. Consider all the areas of your responsibility  (the point is to avoid neglecting anything or anyone where  you have influence)

3. Make priorities– what needs to be done first?  Consider what others might be telling you, but its up to you to stand up for your priorities

4. Set goals-  its time to get to work.  What is your vision for what you want to accomplish in each of the areas of your responsibilities and begin taking steps of progress

5. Manage the process- please never think you have arrived – there is always room to improve—keep at it

As you set out on pursuing a life without regrets, always be willing to push to the side the thoughts that come into your head (that tend to be riddled with fear and negativity).  Take charge and strive to manage well your actions and attitudes to pursue being your best!



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