Poetry — “World Premier”


For those who are used to receiving my typical posts, you will find something different in this poetry post. They come from a time of searching.

World Premier

Moving pictures in my head

that’s all I ever see

all coming out in color

all coming in 3-D


My mind controls the camera

and which way it should turn

my mouth recites my lines

lines that I will learn


my soul  is the audience

in a global movie theatre

this show is all sold out

this is only a one-seater


and so I’m watching

a world premier  all its own

entertainment at its best

its the first time its been shown


I don’t know if it just started

I don’t know when it will end

But  I need  an intermission

to some popcorn I must tend


They didn’t  show cartoons

nor any special showings

they just continue with these sequels

as this boy  is ever growing


New adventures all the time

with laughs along the way

Its been  4 stars up to now

it gets better every day.


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