More Poetry – “The Journey”


For those who are used to receiving my typical posts, you will find something different  in this poetry post. They come from a time of searching.

The Journey

The air hangs quiet

While the moon shines bright

The moon filled with pride

As it shines in the night

The moon trying to help

Offers a path to its door

I’m finding myself

In search of my core


But this space is too vast

There are answers I must seek

I’ve journeyed off the path

As my courage  seems to leak


There are new situations

Things out of dreams

I’m seeing  rivers and castles

Well, that’s how it seems


I’m in front  of a castle

Its dark and its cold

Something draws me a close

Its time to be bold


The castle shows its years

With a mystique  all its own

Quiet as a graveyard

Suddenly—a moan.


A little man who has seen the years

Watches my moves

Through his squinting–he peers

His voice is rough

It comes from within

He says following impulse

Is tops among sins


He tells me to look at what is around

Do I see peace, can it be found?


This man lacks  size

Movement he wil neglect

I sit at his feet  and treat him with respect


We sit next to the fire

Where lies a head and a fin

He gazes to the sky and recites where I’ve been


It’s a show of his strength

From a man I thought weak

He knows of my journey and reveals what to seek


There’s a world  filled with beauty mapped from above

For contentment of life, fly with a dove


There are questions and answers

There is dark and  there is light

Fly overhead and land when its right


Too many imposters, too much deceit

Live for the beauty

And shy  away where there’s heat


That’s all for now

You must be on your way

Follow your journey and live for the day


The old man looked up as he called me his friend

Forever grateful , my mind he did mend


I looked up again

And saw he was gone  as streams of light

Told me it was dawn


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