I need to realize that everyone is more …


I think you will find the following challenging in the way you interact with people.  It is an excerpt from Jon Acuff’s excellent book, “Start”:

“My friend said that in order to really believe life is not all about you, you have to believe that everyone is more interesting than you. The person who cleans your room at a hotel, the guy next to you in traffic, the businessman, who sits next to you on a plane. Everyone.”

With so few words, this perspective challenges me.  I think it really hits me because of  how much room I have for improvement in the area of taking more interest in others.

So, as I’m challenging myself, I’ll also encourage you— take the time today to find someone you know very little about and ask them questions about their life.  Who are they? What do they like to do? etc.

I’m looking forward to  learning from a lot of special people!



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