Getting a “mentor” idea from Video Games


I’ve mentioned many times in these posts about the value of having a mentor (or Life Coach) and today, I want to add another encouragement to you to consider getting a mentor/coach for yourself, or like in this example, to encourage your kids to seek out those individuals more gifted than they are in their area of interest.

This is an excerpts from another of Jon Acuff’s fine books,  “DO OVER” :

“here’s how he (Andre 3000- a.k.a. Andre Benjamin) describes the word, “mentor” to his son.
Adults are really cool and I’ll tell you why. Because you can compare them to a video game. If you played that video game for the last two years and you’re proficient at it and just jump on to the game, you’re going to quickly say: “Hey Dad, the trap is right there. When you get over there, you have to go hop, hop, hop, hop. Now if you didn’t say that, it might take me a year to figure that out. So a mentor is: “I’ve done this, so I’m helping you get past that place.””
“He’s right. Advocates and mentors know all the cheat codes. Here’s the crazy part: if you’ll listen, they will give them to you.”

Isn’t that excellent advice conveyed in a practical kind of way?

So, with knowledge being only really valuable if you do something with it—-what are you going to do with this post on the value of finding a mentor?


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