A simple way to feeling good


What I’m going to suggest is really fairly easy to do and I believe it will lead you to feeling better, being less stressful, and will help you accomplish more—BUT YOU HAVE TO FIRST GIVE IT A TRY.

Here it is —make a daily checklist of things you want to get done.

For some reason, I can almost hear someone say something like, “I could never do that, its too restricting”.  They may also  say something like “I don’t want to be stressed out having to do all that’s on my list”.

Let me pass along just a few responses and again encourage you to  give it a try.

* Checklists help you avoid having stress- why?   If you know you have to do certain things, you will do your best to concentrate on not forgetting all those things (all the while new things are happening in your day). So without a checklist, you put increasing pressure on yourself to remember all the things that you  know you need to get done.

By having a checklist, you have written down what you need to get done and when, and all you have to do is refer to your list to see what you still need to get done.  Its a handy reminder.

* Its up to you  as to what gets put on your checklist–you don’t have to overwhelm yourself with to-do’s, if you don’t want to

* a Checklist helps you to not forget dates and appointments that are important to you.  By doing so, you develop a reputation for faithfulness and reliability when you show up when you are supposed to or get things done like you said you would

*Checklists produce encouragement–I absolutely love having a checklist.  Usually by mid-morning, I have already accomplished several things that were on my list.  Every time I accomplish something and check it off, I feel good about myself–endomorphins in my body are released shouting out “let’s celebrate–we just experienced a success!”  That’s a nice feeling to have.

*Checklists help me accomplish big goals, by helping me first, accomplish little goals that are necessary to helping me accomplish the big goal.  Working with a checklist helps me make progress.

Why not try it for one week?

Put on your calendar tomorrow all the appointments you have and things you want to get done.  Then, try to make it a habit to refer to this list periodically throughout the day as a reminder for you to make progress on these items.    Then, celebrate as you get things done!

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