In good or bad times, are you …


I remember vividly a time when my life was pretty rough. I felt very lonely. I had little hope or direction in life. It was not a happy time at all for me.

It was during this very difficult time for me that I met a complete stranger who told me about a living God who cared about me, to the extent that He gave of His Son, Jesus Christ to die for me.  Wow! that floored me.  With extreme gratefulness, I responded in faith to His  awesome kindness. That “phase” I was going through has lasted now over 34 years.

Over that time, I have heard many stories similar to mine.  For some reason, some people, like me,  have to had to get to their lowest point to realize how lost they are, and how much help they need.

But an interesting thing has happened to me just recently. I have heard some stories like this, but not as many.  I have seemed to enjoy a lot of success lately.  Even today, I have seen a lot of unexpected sales come in, at the very last minute, before a deadline that I just can’t explain. I’m not that good.

You see, many times in my life during times of “success”, I have been one of the first to pat myself on my back and take the credit I thought I deserve.  Today, was different than these other times.  I realized that  in these times of  success like I have been enjoying, I still need to be dependent on my God and I still need to be voicing loudly my gratefulness for His kindness.

You see my friend, whether we are enjoying good times, or struggling through the challenging times, He is always near to those who call on Him.

Well, here’s the application question for you, “regardless of your circumstances, good or bad, are you calling out to Him in faith?


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