10 things to do if you’re unemployed


Here is a list of 10 things to do if you are unemployed (as suggested by Jon Acuff in his excellent book, “START”):

  1. Remind yourself what you lost– you didn’t lose your identity, you lost your job
  2. Be honest about the calendar– a lie that will come into your mind is that you will be out of work forever–not true.  Fight off this lie.
  3. Flip the numbers– with technology giving us access to job boards, we can contact far more potential employers in a day than people in prior generations could connect with in a week.  Also, keep in mind that even if there is a 20% unemployment rate, it means that there are 80% employed—there is hope.
  4. Think about your circles – –being unemployed is about properly  managing three different circles:  geography, industry, and commitment.  The longer you are unemployed, the more deliberate you have to be about expanding these circles.
  5. Finding a job is your new job– don’t ever think of yourself as jobless. The minute you get laid off or graduate without a job lined up, you get a new job. Its called “finding a job”.
  6. Get a stopgap job – if you find yourself out of work for some time, you may need to get a stopgap job just to cover expenses.
  7. Stay in job shape – Although you may be out of work, don’t get lazy. Keep getting up early and get going with your day.
  8. Get plugged into a community -as much as possible, try to connect with others who are also looking for work.  It will encourage, challenge, and help you during your season of job searching.
  9. Start a blog -use social media to stay connected to the industry you are passionate about. Write blogs related to that industry and join industry-related online groups to keep your engagement high (it could put you head and shoulders above other job applicants).
  10. Put results at the top – at the top of most resumes, people put their goals  or objectives. Everyone does it. Instead list what you’ve accomplished–results will impress.

I think Jon’s tips are very insightful and will be helpful for you as you close one chapter in your book and begin a new one.



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