The game is won on the line


I’m a sports guy.  I enjoy playing and I enjoy watching sports.   As this is football season, I’ll focus my thoughts in this post on that sport.

I enjoy watching quarterbacks  like Aaron Rodgers from the  Green Bay Packers, or  Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks – they are masters at their craft.   I appreciate how they can set up in the pocket and throw such accurate passes. I also marvel at how well they can scramble out of the  pocket and turn, what looks like a losing play, into a long gain.  Both of these players are special.

However, lately, what’s occurred to me is that so often, many real stars on football teams, are also the most underrated–the offensive linemen.  Play after play, these linemen put up their brute force against the  brute force of their opposing defensive linemen, who would like nothing better than to sack the quarterback.

When the offensive linemen are winning their battles in the trenches, their efforts give quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson  time to wait for the wide receiver to run their full patterns and make the big play.

So, what’s the connection to my life and yours?  Its this, you and  I need to act like offensive linemen.   We need to battle our opponents on every play.  When you and I take care of keeping our head in the game, and walk in integrity,  we give time for us to succeed in other areas of our life.

Let me make this less abstract for you.  Let’s take the area of finances.  When we battle on the line and keep disciplined with our finances; having and keeping a budget, not overspending, saving, exercising self-control, we then find that if an emergency happens we are ready for it.  If we budget ahead for a vacation, or a car, then when the time comes to go on  a vacation, or buy a car, we are ready for it.   We can enjoy making  the big play.

By doing what is right, and fighting opponents of coveting, greed, selfishness, comparison, lack of self-control, we avoid the big losses.

As a faithful follower of Christ, we all will make mistakes, but what I’m talking about in this “”offensive line” illustration is the need for us be especially  careful “on the line” to fight all the time against our opponents wanting to sack us for a loss.

We must take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and be engaged play after play.  We can not afford to give up battling on the line .


Although being on the line is not a position of standing out and you may not get a lot of attention, but your effectiveness in doing your best on the line will help you enjoy a winning season.

I hope this made some kind of sense for you.


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