Your job is to train someone–how can you do it?


So, you are a leader, or a boss, or a manager and you have just had a new person come on your staff—how do you develop them? Do you have a plan in place on how best to train them?

Maybe you are a parent and you are wanting to encourage your children to get experience in some  skill –how can you go about it?

Well, I came across this method from John Maxwell that offers a pretty logical step by step sequence  (try it out):

step 1 — I do it (competence)
step 2 — I do it and you are with me (demonstration)
step 3 — you do it and I am with you ( coaching)
step 4 — you do it- (empowerment)
step 5 — you do it and someone is with you (reproduction)

excerpt from John Maxwell “The 5 Levels of Leadership”




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