Leaders…. it’s your job to change that!


Church leaders, it would be good for us all, to heed the advice from John Maxwell’s dad that he gave to his son, “Son, the vast majority of people who walk through the doors of the church feel undervalued, insecure, and lost. It’s your job to change that.”

I would go beyond that and say that realistically the majority of people who cross our paths, whether it’s at church, at a business, or in our neighborhoods are probably struggling in some degree in these areas of feeling undervalued, insecure, or just feeling lost.

Today is an opportunity to be a blessing to someone. It’s not to interact with people from a superior “I’ve got it together mindset”, but as one struggling to do life just as everyone else is, but with a core understanding that there is a living God who has the desire and ability to help us in our time of need, if we would just go to Him.

Like a deer who is so attentive to the slightest sound of danger it hears, let us also strive to be attentive to the people in our surroundings-not because of any danger they pose, but to be sensitive to opportunities to demonstrate some act of kindness to them.

Let’s strive to be change-agents!




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