Where am I leading my followers?


Over the past two years or so, I have seen the growth in the number of  people who have signed up to get my posts via their e-mail.  I have also seen a growth in my followers on Twitter and Linked In.  I am grateful for each and every person that I have the privilege to communicate my thoughts.

It is an interesting thing to have followers. It leads me to wonder why are they following me?  It also gets me to clarify in my own mind, “where am I leading?”

So, if you have enjoyed a post here and there, but have ever wondered about the overall direction of these posts  and where my heart is–it is in these  two areas?

1) I believe that life has the potential of being overwhelmingly good because of the foundational reason that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ into the world so that by Him taking the judgement for our sin upon Himself, we have the privilege of becoming reconciled back to God.  No amount of good works can merit our  favor before this holy God, but as we come to Him simply by faith, and understand that it is by Hs grace (His act of kindness) we can be saved, we can enjoy peace and true life because of a restored relationship with Almighty God.  From then on, life becomes an adventure as we grow in our understanding of how this awesome God wants to live His life through us to not only love us, but to love others through us.

2) As we live out our lives, we all have many areas of responsibility that we are constantly juggling.  My passion and vision is for myself and for others “to strive for excellence in all areas of their responsibilities, so that they can live a life without regrets”.

That’s it.  That ‘s where I am coming from and in that direction is where these posts are leading.

Like always, I welcome your feedback on this post, as well as all my posts and I invite you to join me on this journey, we call life.



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