Maybe a little less self-confidence would be best


“a favorite story  I have known so long that I lost the source involves C.H. Spurgeon working with a group  of young preachers and one in particular who was handsome, articulate,  and very self-inflated. When his turn to preach came, he bounced  to his feet and bounded up the steps with great energy, wanting the giant Spurgeon to sense his enthusiasm as he entered  the pulpit.  Early in his sermon, however, the gifted novice fumbled  his notes,  floundered  at regaining his composure, and failed to  even finish  what he had begun.  Quietly he stooped  to recover his fallen paper and bowed  his head as he slipped from the stage and snuck to his seat, brushing  back a tear.    Turning to him, Spurgeon  said, “If you had  gone up the way you came down, you could have come  down the way you went up. Bam, I love that story!   It reminds me of Paul’s instruction to all preachers: “for  we do not preach ourselves bu Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves  as your bond-servants for Jesus’ sake”

excerpt taken from “Vertical Church” by James MacDonald

What a great reminder to  always be mindful of the motivations of our heart.  Are we dependent on God when we perform our work?  Who do we hope gets the recognition for our efforts, God or me ?




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