How about improving just 5% ?


“Most people work at a fraction of their potential, says his mentor, …. Even hard workers like you and I might be utilizing 20 or 30 % of our potential. That means there’s still another 70% of untapped territory. that excites me—It convinces me that, despite the negative voices, I am not taking on more than I can handle. I’m just moving into untapped territory.
At each stage in their practice, we slowly and carefully perfect our moves. There is no rushing. Steady practice is the key.”

Excerpt  from  Pat Riley – “The winner within”

What is the key to success?  There are many possible answers to how to achieve success.  One answer I would give is by being consistent in your striving for  continuous improvement.

I really like Pat Riley’s comment, “there is no rushing. Steady practice is the key.”

Whether its being the best basketball team, or reducing your weight, or building up your savings account, or increasing in your Bible knowledge, or strengthening a relationship, I believe your best chance for long-term success in each of these areas (and so many more I could name) is by being consistent in incremental growth.  Little movements in growth will result in a noticeable big span of growth in the long-term (compared to your present circumstances).

Try not to shoot for the moon, right up front.  How about improving just 5% in any given area?  How encouraging would that be for you to see that kind of progress?


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