Church Leaders and Attendees –which “ship” describes your church?


Pastors & Church leaders, you have a huge responsibility. You have been entrusted with leadership responsibilities in the caring for those who attend your gathering.   Unfortunately, I believe that too often, church life just goes on without there being much of an accountability or evaluation on how well the church is doing?  how the church is perceived in the community? how the church is perceived by the attendees?

Church Attendees- you too have a responsibility and that is to support your leaders and to be involved in your fellowship.  Because or the urgency of the times in which we live, its vital that you are confident that not only your walk with the Lord is on track, but that the walk of your local church is on track.

So, with that intro in place, I would ask you to give a gut-level response to the question:  “what ship would describe your local church?”

* a Cruise Ship– this kind of ship describes a fun church.  It can be characterized as an enjoyable place to come for church on Sundays and during the week,  in your small groups?  However, in this kind of church, few lives seem to be “radically transformed”  and the emphasis on the Word of God and its relevancy to daily life is minimal. Life just seems to move on regularly in a comfortable kind of way

* a Battleship – this kind of church could be characterized by “being right and supporting it with might”— the culture of the church seems formal and rule-oriented.  The Bible is preached, but there seems to be little joy that is goes along with it and “loving others” is not something emphasized in the church, other than the need to demonstrate “tough love” to others when needed

* a Submarine- this kind of church exists, but outside of the church walls few people know what actually goes on in the church, or among its attendees—its impact on the community seems hidden

* a Yacht- this kind of church feeds on its image of being “successful”.   It wants to convey its importance, especially for the pastor. In churches like this, the preaching of the Bible is minimal and its application to people’s lives is something scarcely promoted. Things just seem to move along with few testimonies of God’s reputation being exalted, just the pastor and the local church itself

* the Aircraft Carrier-  this ship characterizes the missional church.  It is focused on being useful.  It is designed for battle.  The church is not all about the pastor, but about the attendees. The church equips the people and they are sent out in to the world for their specific purposes..  After they have accomplished their individual missions, the planes return and the refueling takes place.

080728-N-5961C-005 SASEBO, Japan (July 28, 2008) The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) drops her anchor to secure the ship. The Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group is on deployment in the 7th Fleet area of responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo by Senior Chief Mass Communication Specialist Spike Call/Released)


Which ship does your local church resemble?


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