What was it about Magic Johnson?


“what stood out about magic was his skill, but his enthusiasm and love for the game”

quote from   Pat Riley – “The winner within”magic johnson

For anyone who  watched even just a little basketball during the 1980’s, you will know immediately the name Magic Johnson, who played with the Los Angeles Lakers and you will know how accurately Pat Riley’s (former LA Lakers’ coach) characterized Magic’s playing of the game–“skill, enthusiasm, and love for the game”.

Let me ask you this, as you consider the areas of your responsibility  (devotion to God, personal health, family, stewardship, work, volunteering, leisure):

* how skillful are you in the things that you do?

* how enthusiastic are you in those areas of responsibility?

*how much do you enjoy your areas of responsibility?

If you answer “very much” (or something like that) to these questions, good for you.  Keep it up and push yourself to improve even 5% more.

If you answer “not so much” to any of these areas of responsibility, let me encourage you to spend some time in figuring out what’s the problem. Do you need motivation? Do you need training? Do you need a mentor or coach?   Think solutions and figure it out.  You will never regret giving your best effort at making your life the best it can be – in all areas of  your responsibility.

(one final note, “settling” for just being “okay” in anything less than all 7 areas will never leave you completely satisfied)



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