How much are you “sensing” the day?


I enjoy living in the Midwest, although, our Winters can be pretty unpleasant at times,. During the Fall season in particular, my senses seem to come alive. During the Fall, we’ll still have some warm days where the heat of the sun on my face feels so enjoyable.  Then, there are the biting cold and windy days, which kind of sting to the skin and are not as enjoyable.rainy day

Anyway, going to church today on a cloudy and cold day, I was keenly aware of how it felt outside and the  awareness of my senses seemed to carry over during the service.   I could feel my hands being lifted up to exalt my God.  I heard myself “whooping it up for God” in praise for who He is.  I could sense a longing in my ears to hear every word that was being preached, as well those “gentle whispers” from God.  I could literally feel a tear rolling down my cheek as I saw people, lots of them responding in first time faith to a very sobering message from Pastor James MacDonald at Harvest Bible Chapel regarding the signs of the times.

There was a time in my life when, like Don Henley of the Eagles has sung in the song, “Desperado”, I was ” losing all your highs and lows”.  That was how life was to me for a few years. Life seemed to me to be just a feeling of drab. I had little energy and hope in my life and especially as I thought about my future.  I was going through the motions of living life, but like a zombie, it was a mindless, passion-less sort of existence.

Then at the center of this time of emptiness, I was awakened by an understanding that there was a God who loved me, enough to die for me and through His resurrected life was inviting me to join Him on an adventure.

My life had gone from a black and white kind of existence to 4 color. My senses had come alive. My spirit was born again.

Friends, treasure each and every sensual experience you have.  When I say “sensual”, I’m not referring to sexual experiences, but cherishing every precious experience in life that comes through all your senses: taste, tongue, sight, smell, and hearing.  Many people have problems experiencing all of these senses, so be grateful if you can.  Purpose to never take for granted any moments of life that you can experience and feel.

And as you see to maximize each and every precious moment of life, including the blessings of friendships, let me encourage you to pursue above all bringing your spirit from death to life.  Understand though that all your efforts, no matter how noble, will never be able to accomplish this on your own.  You need help.

Fortunately, God has made it possible for us by God sending His Son to take the punishment for our sins and to free us now to enjoy reconciliation in a relationship with Him—-to be born again.

If you are intrigued by this hope of being reconciled with God and awakening the birth of your spirit let me pass along a few suggestions for you:

* get alone and quiet your heart and talk with a living and loving God who longs to talk with you

  • admit to Him your proneness to do your own thing and neglect any kind of dependence on Him
  • acknowledge your belief in the fact of Jesus dying on a cross as a substitute to atone for your sins
  • express your willingness to submit to His leading in your life from now on
  • celebrate by faith that you are now a part of His family
  • get yourself over to a local Bible-believing church that has a reputation for being alive and get involved

Enjoy every precious minute of this day.


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