You didn’t get to “today” by …


“Relationships help us to define who we are and what we can become. Most of can trace our successes to pivotal relationships.”

quote from Donald O. Clifton and Paula Nelson

If you are like me, life just  moves so quickly. It seems often like I live my life on one of those moving walk ways at the airport.

In many ways, I enjoy being busy, as long as I can keep focused and make sure that I’m intentionally building in some leisure time to keep my life in a healthy balance.  Overall, I don’t mind the pace of my life.

But, my point in today’s post is not so much about  looking forward as looking backward.  You and I have arrived at “today” because of the choices we have made in the past.  Yes, there were foolish decisions we wish we could take back, but I’m sure you and I both have made many, many wise choices in our past.

Who was responsible for those decisions?  Well, ultimately the responsibilities for all of our choices fall on each of us, but who are those individuals who have contributed to making us who we are today ?  Was it a parent, a coach, a mentor, a friend?  We didn’t get to “today” on our own.

When is the last time you or I have expressed our gratitude for their contributions in our life?  When is the last time you or I  sent an e-mail, or text, or made a phone call just to say “thank you”.  It doesn’t take long, but I’m sure it would mean a lot to those individuals to be remembered (not that they did anything to be thanked, but it is a nice gesture).

Lastly, as you think about those people who have impacted your life in some way, please take the time to consider that you too, have that opportunity to likewise contribute to someone else’s success.

Be a blessing to someone and purpose to give back !

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