Maybe its time to go outside the “palace walls” ?


Have you ever heard yourself say these words:

“oh, the internet is so slow”

*my boat is peeling, and its going to cost __ to fix it”

*my stock portfolio just dropped ___%”

* I can’t believe I had to spend another $350 on a new cell phone”

Friends, I think that these comments could all be described as “1st world problems”.   Maybe your life looks pretty much like this:   You are happily married, you have a job, you have plenty of savings, you have good health, you enjoy being involved in your church and open about your faith.  If these things describe your situation, I am happy for you.

My point in this post is to not make anyone feel guilty if they are in a position of comfort in their present circumstances.   If anything, I would like to encourage you to be very thankful for all that God has blessed you with and enjoy those blessings.

However, I would also like to stretch you to leave the comforts of your “palace walls” and  consider those in this world who have circumstances quite different than yours.  I’m not talking about looking down on them, or judging them. I’m just asking you to try to understand how others live their lives.  outside the palace walls

Let me mention a few “realities” that are going on in this big, ol’ world around you and I:

So, what’s the “next step” then for you and considering all these realities?  I don’t know.  I think the applications will be different for each of us.  My heart goes out to families that are falling apart. I believe that solid families are foundational in our society and when families are dysfunctional, the consequences are enormous in individual lives, as well as to our society.

How about you?  When is the last time you really sought to understand how others live ?

When is the last time you volunteered your time, talents, or money to someone in need, someone less fortunate than you?

If you have never really broke from the familiar surroundings of your “palace community”, let me challenge you to get outside the walls in some way and  observe and engage with those who live lives far different than yours and offer what you can of yourself to be help to someone.

I can remember being told as a teenager that “life does not revolve around you”,  well, how are you, and how am I showing our maturity by involving ourselves with people around us?


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