Be mindful of the power of the …


Sometimes its best to say little.

Lately, I’ve had on my radar the awareness of the power of the tongue.  Within a week’s time, I saw numerous examples where I had the privilege of being able to pass along encouraging words to various people and benefitted from seeing their spirits raise and smiles come across their faces.

Those all were  very precious times.

Then again, there was probably four or five times, when I could literally hear words about to come out of my mouth that I was able to reel in at the last moment. They would have been words that I really felt like saying, but which would have hurt others deeply. I could easily envision the tensions that would have arisen as I released the venom in my words.

I understand that we can’t keep all of our thoughts to ourselves. We don’t want to turn into powder kegs of dynamite where we bottle up our frustrations and feelings until something very minor triggers our blowing up in anger and releasing very fragile emotions.

Yes, we need discernment to know what to say and when.

Let me encourage you to monitor your words and the tone of your words very carefully. Be thorough in evaluating this often. Whether its something said as a joke, but gets taken by the person in a hurtful way, or maybe its an outburst of impatience on your part towards someone whose mistakes have inconvenienced you….. on and on, I could go.

I believe you know of the potential dangers I’m alerting you to.  Be mindful of the power of the tongue.  Purpose to be a person who encourages and lifts people up, rather than tears people down.


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