Like expanding ripples…


There are a number of things wrong with Washington. One of them is that everyone is too far from home.

I thought that this was a pretty profound insight from this president.   I wonder how many people there are that are looking to conquer the world, and/or climb the corporate ladder to make it to the top of their organization, or industry, but in their crazed ambition, they have overlooked that their foundations back at home are crumbling.

Let me encourage you to never overlook or take for granted those people closest to you, whose lives you influence in far greater ways than you can ever imagine.  Realistically, there will be many attractive career opportunities available for you to pursue, but rarely do those moments occur when your little girl needs her daddy to be there because some boy just made fun of her,  or broke up with her.

And so vital is it for us,  husbands to understand that as we are describing all the bells and whistles that come our way with our successes at work that we don’t miss seeing the quiet efforts of our life partner who has always been there for us in our successes and failures.   I hope we never fail to appreciate and respect all that our spouses contribute to enriching our life, and our family’s.

Although your influence may expand in life, like expanding ripples when a stone is thrown in a pond,  never lose sight of your water_splashresponsibilities at home–  at the center of your life.



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