Isn’t it about time to let it go?


“Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something  to forgive.”

CS Lewis

When we harbor unforgiveness towards others, we weigh ourselves down with a ball and chain that we will continue to carry around with us until we choose to deal with it and how healthy or productive will we be dragged down by this extra weight.ball and chain

Can you relate to this truth in your experience?  Is there anyone who just hearing their name brings about a knot in your stomach, and raises your blood pressure?

So, how can you deal with those who have betrayed  you, or deceived you, or have  hurt you in some way ?  The answer to that serious question is found only as you move forward in mercy.

True, you might have had someone wrong you and it hurts, but let’s take a step back.  Have you ever let someone down? Have you ever been insensitive to someone? Have you ever not totally been honest with someone?   Regardless of how the person you offended responded to you, how would you have wanted them to treat you?    Well,  now is your turn and you have an opportunity to respond in a way you know to be right.

Now, let’s take it up a notch.

The Bible says we have all done wrong and sinned against a holy God?   Do you believe that?   Do you understand what our consequence should be for rebelling against Almighty God – death and eternal separation from Him.   We deserve His full judgement for our independence and disobedience.

Yet, He demonstrated in an awesome way mercy towards us.  What He did was to acknowledge our rebellious ways against Him and came up with a loving plan so that we could be reconciled back to Him.  His plan was to send His Son, Jesus Christ to take the punishment that our sins deserved, so that we will be free of the judgement for our ways.  His own blood would purchase our freedom. It was the greatest act of mercy and grace ever shown to man.

So, if we really can understand  God’s amazing act of mercy and kindness toward us, how then can we not forgive others when they have done something against us ?

Don’t you long to be released from the ball and chain of bitterness by forgiving those who have wronged you?

Isn’t it about time to be free!    Isn’t it time to let it go and move on?


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