So, what happened to us? Its time to “Imagine”


I’ve read the following observation now in several places.  It has to do with children asking a ton of questions.  What’s the moon made of? What happens to people when they die?  Where did I come from? Why did God make boys to be so weird? etc.

But, what happens as we get older?  We tend to stop asking questions.  We tend to lose our imagination and life becomes an endless stream of  trying to make the best logical decisions and doing things, well the way  we’ve always done  them (or today, that doesn’t offend anyone).

Sadly to say, for many of us, life has lost a lot of the awe and wonder we had as kids.

But, every once in a while, we see something amazing or hear about it that leaves us breathless-something like seeing the Grand Canyon, a tsunami, Niagara Falls,  the Northern Lights, an eclipse, a dazzling sunset.

Let me encourage you today to find a very quiet place, and listen to this song, and just imagine (and respond):




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