I couldn’t believe it, she just flew past me


There I was enjoying a bike ride on a beautiful sunny day.  The scenery was beautiful. I was cruising along at a pretty quick pace listening to some of my favorite music and just taking it all in. IMG_1812

I was thinking to myself how sweet this moment was and then it happened- I got passed on the trail by a woman who made it seem like I was barely pedaling at all !

“Oh, that does it”  I felt humiliated.

So like most men (and this isn’t a good thing to be admitting),  I thought to myself, “I can ride just as fast as she is.” I’ll show her.


After about 20 seconds I knew that all my effort of keeping up with her pace was not going to happen.IMG_1815

So, I settled for going to my original pace, which seemed much slower by now. 

As I thought about what had just taken place on the trail, I thought to myself,  “what a sad story!”

For a few minutes, I had lost all the enjoyment on my ride. Really, what did it matter?

I was amazed at how quickly I could get distracted by something so inconsequential.

As I thought more about the lessons to be learned from this experience, I thought about how important it is for me to focus on enjoying my life and not trying to perform like someone else.  I am responsible for doing my best in all the areas of my responsibilities AND  enjoying the process of living life.  I need to fend off distractions that pressure or tempt me to feel like I need more or I need to change for my life to matter, and be utterly thankful for all that I currently have.


Whew – I’m glad that I got that out.  Now, let me get back to enjoying the rest of my ride.IMG_1818

How are you doing at removing inconsequential distractions from your life and enjoying and being thankful for how God made you? 



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