When is the last time you had…


This post might not have gone in the direction you were thinking, but I still wanted to ask, “when is the last time you had an enjoyable WALK?”.

I don’t have to tell you that life is busy. It is. Just like a car can not travel forever without getting a gas fill up, so too, I think if we are to keep a healthy balance in our life, we need regular times of taking our foot off the gas pedal and slowing down and getting re-energized. I believe Taking a Walk can help do that.

There are several benefits to taking a walk, such as:
* its a form of exercise (and most of us know, we need to be doing more of that)

* if you take a walk with a friend, or your spouse (your best friend, right!), its a great opportunity to reconnect and holding hands on a walk can unite two hearts

* its a great opportunity to sort out the thoughts in your head. You have time to look at matters of concern from different perspectives

* its a time to pray. Often our lives are filled with so much noise that its hard to hear ourselves think. Praying out loud with limited distractions allows you a deeper time to express the joys, sorrows, and concerns at a deeper level of emotion and thought

* it gets you out of your house and car and provides an opportunity to meet your neighbors

* because walking is not a fast thing, it provides an opportunity for you to observe what is around you that you otherwise would not have seen as you were pre-occupied driving by in your car

W – A – L- K- I- N- G is an opportunity to slow down and reset your life. It is an opportunity to enjoy the very basics of life.
So, when is the last time you had an enjoyable WALK? How about taking a walk today?


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