If you take care of … (a personal testimony)


The other night, I went out to Wendy’s with a nephew to talk about the Bible (I have been challenging him to read one chapter in the Gospel of John every day, which he is doing and he is journaling too).   This was the first time I have done something like this with him and we had a great time.  It was very encouraging for me to see His enthusiasm about reading the Bible and his considering what God was teaching him through it.

After I dropped him off, my mind started to think about some things I needed to keep on top of, for example some financial matters, and car maintenance kind of issues.

I should also point out that earlier in the evening, my wife was saying that one of our cars didn’t sound too good and asked if we could switch cars that evening, which I had no trouble doing.

Sure enough, when I went out with my nephew in my wife’s car, it  did sound kind of rough. Just when I got home, I felt prompted to check the oil level, which is about the extent of my car maintenance abilities 🙂    Wouldn’t you know it, there was no oil in the car.  It got me thinking, ” yeah,  that probably could have something to do with the rough sound, huh.”

As I reflected on all this, I thought of something Pastor James MacDonald (of Harvest Bible Chapel)  has said that really hit me —“if you take care of the things on God’s heart, He’ll take care of the things on your heart.”   Wow!

I saw the truth of that quote so vividly lived out last night.  I spent the time doing something on God’s heart (discipleship) and He took care of protecting my family from having major car problems. Very cool.

Our God is awesome.

Let me encourage you to lift up your concerns to God and also, to take the time to consider what kinds of things God might be revealing to you that are on His heart and how He may want you involved in them.

“If you take care of the things on God’s heart, He’ll take care of the things on your heart.”


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