Are you guilty of “binge progressing” ?

Lately, I have had a few conversations with people telling me about their desire to accomplish some big goal.  In talking with both of them, I observed an over-enthusiasm that concerns me.  The reason is burn out. 
In similar conversations I have had with others like this, I see characteristics of “binge progressing”.  You’ve probably heard about binge drinking where someone doesn’t typically drink, but when they do,  they over indulge. The same “binge” characteristic can happen with eating, or Netflix watching, or a host of other things.

When I talk of “binge progressing”,  I think its primarily due to either procrastination or a lack of focus.  People with this characteristic leave this project undone for some time and then something inspires them and they go crazy on working on this project.  They become obsessed with it (stress and tension often happen at this time as it becomes a kind of  “get out of my way”  experience).  What tends then to happen is that they will either finish the project in their all-out blitz, or they just get burnt out and give up and they move on to something else.  

I think there is a better way.
What I have found to be helpful are two tips when looking to complete a project, they are:
* get started—procrastination doesn’t accomplish anything other than leading to producing a depression because of your lack of productivity, or an influx of stress when completing this project becomes an urgent deal.
* reduce the big goal into manageable smaller goals—–as a suggestion, consider setting aside 15 minutes a day to really concentrating on working on this project.  15 minutes should be doable as a minimum standard.  Don’t be surprised though if you end up spending much more time on the goal once you get started (but don’t get carried away–keep your time manageable).
Again, the goal is to pace yourself.  You want to keep energized. You want to stay encouraged because of the progress you are making.   Being proactive in wanting to achieve your goal instead of being reactive should be less stressful for you, and prove to be more productive.
As an additional benefit, by executing a consistent commitment (one that you can faithfully keep) to working on this project it will help you keep balanced regarding other areas of responsibility in your life. Although this one project might be a front-burner issue for you, realistically, there are many other areas in your life also going on at the same time that you dont’ want to neglect.
So, what goals do you have right now?
Write them down?
Focus on consistently devoting 15 minutes a day to accomplishing progress in meeting your goal
Get started

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