Its only going to happen once …

Its only going to happen once. What am I referring to?  Its TODAY!
I get it that life can be stressful.
I have my own concerns about meeting work goals, and paying off children’s student loans, the health of aging parents (and mine, too),  house repairs, and senseless killings in our country, etc.
Life can be stressful.
But, I was just reminded again that this will be the only TODAY that I will ever have, so how grateful am I for it?
Have I smiled at all today?
Have I thanked God for anything today (salvation, family, friends, health, a job, etc.)?
Have I had any “go for it” kind of attitudes because nothing beyond today (really this very moment) is guaranteed?
Am I enjoying my one and only life today?
I close this post with the wise words from Bl Keane:  “Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why its called the present”.
 receiving a gift
Make it your goal to receive to the fullest the present of today!

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