What you do at work matters


“work is a beautiful thing-it existed before Adam sinned. When we complete the work God has given us to do, we can experience the rest God has ordained for us. The REQUIREMENT for work is faithfulness. The REWARD for work is rest. the RESULT of work is that God is glorified”

except from Whatever the Cost–by David and Jason Benham

Don’t ever think that going to work Monday through Friday (or whatever your work schedule ) is just a minor league activity and that you are just passing the time until you can get involved in some  major league activity like going to church, or some volunteer effort, or attending some small group.

Another “far from the truth” lie that is that only a paid church pastor is the only one capable and responsible to perform activities that matter to God.

Your work matters.  Enjoy it.  Glorify God by being thankful for your job and giving it your best.


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