How do you get rid of the crud in your life?


Recently, I have had a few conversations with different people relating to them a similar concept–how to get rid of bad stuff in their lives.

The illustration I shared with them is to picture a glass of water filled with leaves, crumbs, some dirt (illustrating bad stuff).  How do you get rid of the bad stuff in your life?  How do you break those old habits that you know are like chains keeping you in bondage?

First of all, recognize, although you can bring about a temporary change by a sheer act of your will, to get a long-term, sustainable change, you need God’s help.  So what do you do?  You need to ask, you need to pray; you need to see what the Bible says about your situation; You need to come to Him humbly looking for His help.

So, think of that glass, filled with all that crud now being held (interesting point right there that as you come to God for His help, He is the One who now “holds” you) under a water faucet that now has water pouring into it.

What happens next is drama and tension.  The Holy Spirit, being given free reign in your life starts to stir up those bad habits and “stinkin-thinkin” in your life.  He is doing a purifying work in you!  He wants to get rid of it in your life.

As the water pours into that glass of crud, the water rises in the glass.  Eventually, the “life of water”of the Holy Spirit (His convicting work) begins to displace some of the debris in your glass so that it gets churned up and overflows outside of the glass.  It is gone now and will not return, unless you allow the crud to be allowed back in the glass.

So, the longer we submit ourselves to be held by God under the power of the transforming, cleansing work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, change will happen.  Keep yourself there.

“and just as you received Christ, so walk in Him” Col. 2:6 (nasb) .

When you first made a decision to trust in Jesus, you came to Him humbly and dependent on Him. You were broken. You understood you needed Him.   So, how should we live our Christian life?  In the same way as when we first trusted Him.  That is to say, humbly and dependent on Him–broken.

We are to come to Him, just as we are—understanding we are like a glass filled with crud.  We are to also understand that God’s desire for us though is not to remain as we are, but to become more like Him.  To do so,  we need to submit ourself to His “water of life” working to transform us from the inside out.

Does this vision of pure water make you thirsty?


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