His jaw hit the floor, “In all my years…I’ve never…”


“Yet we applied two principles to this job that we’ve carried with us in our entire business career: 1) produce more in value than you take in pay, and 2) work to your ability and not to your pay

-we were always looking for ways to systematize and streamline our work. Why take ten steps if five will get the work done just as well? If we were going to produce more in value than we took in pay, streamlining was a must..

-we were once given a contract job where we were going to get paid for 8 hours of work.  We were to work on sorting and stacking some papers.   As we planned (after creatively thinking of a more efficient way of doing the job) we knocked out the job in four hours instead of eight. we now had four hours left to do whatever we wanted . We could just sit there, wait for the boss to come back, and collect eight hours of pay for four hours of work; or we could work to our abilities and not worry about the pay;  that’s when we noticed the back of the warehouse was a disastrous mess. We knew this wasn’t a part of the job description but would help organize the warehouse , so we analyzed our approach and attacked. Four hours later,  the owner came walking back.

His jaw hit the floor. He said, ” In all my years of running this company, I’ve never had an employee do this. Will you both work full-time for me?…Initially, this business owner needed us for only one day, but when we worked according to our God-given abilities and not according to our man-given pay, our performance changed his mind. This is the beauty of giving more in value than you take in pay; it will always open doors of opportunity.

-we strived to operate this way as athletes before we applied this principle to business. our dad always taught us to top it off, with everything we did. When told to run ten sprints ,we had to run eleven

– at first we did it because our dad told us to, but it soon became a habit in our lives. We applied the same principle in business where possible. The second mile mind-set has opened up incredible doors for us, including ministry opportunities in athletics and business.”

notes taken from “Whatever the Cost” by David & Jason Benham


In reading this excerpt, I think of Jack Welch (former CEO of GE) who talks about “just meeting expectations” at work is not enough to stand out as an employee.  He encourages all workers to strive to exceed expectations.

As Christians, I believe the Benham’s example in the story mentioned above is a great one for us to imitate.  We serve an awesome God who did not hold back even in the giving of His own Son, so that we could be reconciled back to Him.

With His example in mind, shouldn’t we then give our best in all we do  out of gratefulness for all He did for us?





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