What do your actions say about …?


“As cheesy as this may sound , my goal was simply be a salty Christian (matt. 5:1) in the pros. That’s it. Nothing fancy. My goal was to find one thing I could do that would set me apart from the other guys in a non-baseball way. I had cleaned the dugout in high school and college, but in the pros, they had a paid crew to do that , so I chose to help the clubhouse manager with his daily duties. In every town, I was, I would help with the laundry, ironing uniforms, vacuuming, and cleaning the shoes. I was inspired to do this because I’d once heard a quote that really stuck with me, “he is no fool who makes the job of someone else just a little bit easier .” But I really didn’t want to this out in the open for all the guys to see, so I’d wait around until the other players left. There were plenty of nights I just wanted to go home, but I kept hearing my dad’s voice saying, “be faithful in the little and God will handle the big.”

In my first season with the O’s, my parents and little brother and sister came to visit me in Bluefield. After the game, we were going to eat at a restaurant , but I couldn’t leave until I helped our clubby, Morgan, with his post-game duties.  My heart always went out to people who who were willing to work hard and not ask for handouts and Morgan was one of those people. This was his second job, so helping him was a real joy. Dad knew my routine and how I needed to wait until the other players left- so after my teammates headed out for the night, in walked my family. Mom grabbed the vacuum, Johnny and Abby started picking up clothes, and Dad straightened the equipment. That’s when our minor league coordinator happened to come through the door. He looked around in total amazement, threw his hands up in the air and said, “You have got to be kidding me! Your whole family does this too? Who are you people?”

this is an excerpt from “Whatever the Cost” by David & Jason Benham

I love the story.  “Who are you people?’  Isn’t that a great question from someone trying to get their head around the “strange” behavior.  When is the last time you acted in a way that someone noticed how different you are than most people?

When did you withhold getting back at someone who deserved your anger or rebuke?

When is the last time you went a second mile to someone who mistreated you?

When is the last time you held your tongue from someone who deserved to be spoken to?

When is the last time you gave so generously of your time, talent, or treasure that someone questioned you if were taking this faith thing a bit too far?



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