“Conquer your fears, Luke (I mean Walter)” …

I just love that line from Star Wars.
Speaking of movies, there  is a scene in Mission Impossible-“Ghost Protocol” where Tom Cruise is on the 119th floor of the world’s tallest building.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cloa9MnnII

 It is a thrilling scene! 

I think the first time I saw that scene in the movie and how high up they were, I was at home in the comforts of my living room.   I literally took a step back when I saw it because of my great fear of heights AND I was in my own house!
So, as I have opened up a bit to you about my fear of heights issue, I want to share with you something so surprising, it even just amazes me as I’m writing this.
Yesterday, IMG_1203  AHHHH–can you believe it?  I still can’t.
What got me to do it though provides an interesting lesson.  Initially, I was just going to watch 15 of my friends and family as they did it.  There was no chance I was going to do it.  I could man up and be comfortable with myself that I don’t like heights and I’m okay with that.  However, as I was watching everyone laughing in the waiting area and filling out their waivers, they just seemed like they were all joining in together in living out an adventure.  I missed not being included in that.  Their enthusiasm captivated me and attracted me to join in.  So, I did!
As I further reflect on that experience, I thought to myself that is how the church should be.  There should be a joy about us when we gather. There should be a buzz.  With our focus on our relationship with Almighty God and basking in His awesome love for us there should be an attraction about us that screams out to people –“come join us!”
 If you have had a bad experience with formal religion in the past where it just seemed cold, irrelevant, and lifeless, or have been let down by a staff member at a church,  and have since chosen to distance yourself from getting involved again in a church,  then let me encourage you to conquer your fears and give it another chance.  Give Him another try!
Ask others in your community if they know of a Bible-believing Christian church where there seems to be a lot going on. What church are you hearing about where there seems to be a buzz?  Then, trust me and take a chance one Saturday evening, or Sunday morning and check it out. Take a jump of faith like I did and enjoy the experience!

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