Maybe its time to enter your “War Room”


I don’t know about you, but some times, I can get into a routine. There’s a lot of benefits to having a comfortable pattern of living life, but there is also a downside. Two glaring problems that I need to be more aware of in getting used to a routine is that I can too narrowly focused on just myself and second, that I can neglect looking for God to move in my life and in others in a super-natural kind of way. But, He is a super-natural kind of God.

I felt reminded about this after seeing the new movie, “WarRoom” (directed and produced by the Kendrick brothers, who also did “”Facing the Giants”, and “Courageous”. I enjoyed the movie because of so many reasons, but probably at the top of the list was the encouragement I felt in my spirit that I need to be more passionate about my faith and put it into practice.

The theme of the movie was on the power of prayer and the need for it, but I was thinking that this idea for passion and living out my faith could also have been represented with a theme on evangelism just as well. Then there is the need for worship; not a focus on signing 3 songs on Sunday and checking that off my spiritual to-do list, but exercising a passion for worship throughout every day of the week.

I would recommend seeing “WarRoom” and I would recommend exercising the privilege of prayer and asking God to help you evaluate all of your life. Is your faith alive ?

So, all that said, go see “WarRoom”, you will be glad you did.


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