things will be okay… I know how the story ends


One of my favorite activities is watching Netflix with my wife and kids. I like that we can binge on a tv series, like NCIS and watch episode after episode without any commercials.

The other night we were watching the first episode of season 5. In that show, one of the detectives goes missing. Through some fast-paced detective work, they are able to track down Tony’s car driving through the streets. They watch his car driving on one road, then another. His partners are trying to understand why this good detective has gone AWOL and not communicating with them. Is he in some sort of trouble?

Anyway, they keep on watching the car, when all of a sudden it blows up. Wow! I didn’t see that coming.  Tony’s partners, in shock, begin trying to find out what happened and also, confirm whether that truly was Tony.

As my wife and I were watching this episode, sitting up a little closer to the TV, my wife blurted out, “hey, we know Tony appears in future seasons!  That did it, the tension was removed. We knew things would be okay  🙂

My post tonight is not meant to be a spoiler alert to beginning NCIS viewers, but to convey a truth that we, as Christians need to get a hold of.  Yes, we live in a time of tensions. There is a lot we could get worried about, but we don’t need to.  We have read the end of the book, and Jesus wins!

Yes, there are many, many terrible things happening in our world today.  I don’t need to go through the list because all you have to do is pick up a paper, or turn on the news and be reminded of them.

However, in the midst of  the sordid headlines we read, there are 2 truths I want to encourage you with:

1) is that I can’t think of a better time than this to be alive as a Christian. I mean that.  Because so many people have gone down the road of independence and even rebellion, there is a growing number of those individuals open now to truth, and love.

This is a time for authentic Christians to be bold in the sharing the love of Christ in our actions and our words.

Are you holding back in any way from living out your faith as you know you should?  Should you be having a conversation with someone? Should you be doing anything for someone? Should you be more involved in your church?

2) the other thing I want to mention is that no one knows what today will end up like, nor tomorrow. Yes, there will continue to be terrible stories of abuse, and greed, and anti-God sentiments, and injustice, etc., but be encouraged, there will be a day when Almighty God will say ENOUGH! That is a certainty.   In that day, He will bring justice and also reunion. There is a party coming that you don’t want to miss!

The call on my life and yours is to pursue deepening your relationship with Him.  I believe we should all be looking to increasingly surrender to Him out of gratefulness to use each of us in whatever way He chooses to bless others and glorify His matchless name.


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