Why don’t you hear about their kids?


I heard recently Bryan Loritts  say recently a very insightful thing.  He mentioned that he is quite the reader of biographies.  One thing that he rarely encounters in all the biographies he’s read is much story about the children of  a great person.

He was saying that often times in biographies, you will read of a person born into a difficult situation and as they get older there is some kind of struggle they encounter.  They then persevere through those very difficult circumstances and develop into successful people.

But in mentioning the success of these people and the wealth and fame that come along with it, the children of these “stars”  rarely ever get written about.  It seems as these children rarely have to experience  similar tough circumstances and because of that, they are not stretched in their development and personal growth.

As I’ve thought about Bryan’s observation it struck me how astute that really was.  To me, it was another reminder that tough times can really be a blessing in disguise.  They can stretch me to think more creatively, act in a more focused kind of way and challenge me to not give up.

As is often the case, it comes down to perspective and our responsibility in the choices we each make.

Bryan’s insight was an encouragement for me to keep pressing on!


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