Is it time to get out of your seat?

There you are, in box seats at your favorite stadium.  Your seats are great!   You can see the uniformed players out on the field. In fact, you are so close, you can see their facial expressions.  Some players are smiling and look like they are having a fun time. Some players are very  intense.  You can’t tell if these players are frustrated or just so focused on playing well.
Then, the most interesting thing happens, the manager comes over to you and asks you if you want to put on the uniform, listen to him as the manager, and play in the game. Wow!  You can’t believe it.
But you are hesitant. Why?
You know there is something that appeals to you about playing.  You know that its going to be more satisfying,  being involved with something that has a  purpose, than in watching the game from the seats. In fact, you personally know some of the players on the field. You know they find great joy in playing the game.
You sit back in your seat and wonder, “So what’s my issue?  Why won’t I play in the game?  Is it that I would have to listen to a manager tell me what to do?  Well, that shouldn’t be an issue”, you tell yourself,  “every team, every organization needs someone in charge- that only makes sense.””
So you keep on with your interrogation, “Is it that I love sitting in these hard, but “so close to the field” box seats?  I don’t know that doesn’t seem to make sense either because I’d rather be playing?  So, what is my issue?”
Let me get to my point in telling of this story:
I am a Christian and I am out on the field playing. I have been created to be a part of this team.  In fact, I wasn’t always on this team.  At one point, I was in the seats until I understood that the manager, Jesus Christ laid down His life for me, so that all the debt for my sin could be repaid and I could now be transferred to His team.  I was given an invitation by Jesus Christ and an understanding of how much He wanted me to be a part of His team.
So, how about you?  Some of you know exactly what I’m describing in my little story and in my own explanation.
However, there are others that might be a bit confused.   You know deep in your gut that you are not currently “on the field” playing as a Christian.
So, what prevents you from getting out of your seat right now and getting on Jesus’ team and being a Christian?  Do you understand that right now, you are not on His team, even though you might be wearing a fake uniform you bought at some store?  (maybe you go to church occasionally out of duty–the point though is that you can’t buy or earn your way on to the Christian team–you have to be asked.
Do you understand this manager, Jesus Christ loves you so much and is inviting you personally to be a part of His team?
Do you understand that you will find so much more satisfaction in your life by playing on His team, rather than sitting in the seats?
So, again, the manager is coming to you and extending His hands (with their nail holes and all)  for you to be a part of His team.  But first, He wants you to acknowledge:
* that even though you might be wearing a fake, look alike uniform, it is not the real thing– and you, right now, are not a part of the team.
* that if you are going to be on Jesus’ team, you need to change your attitude about you being in charge and submit to Him as the boss
* and lastly, you need to understand that it cost a lot for Him to be able to make you this offer–He died for you on a cross (and was raised to life), but He died for you because He loves you so much–do you understand that?
Well, is it time for you to get out of your seat and play on the Christian team?

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