Expect the Unexpected…. this weekend!

I’ve been married for over 29 years. During those many years, I have come to understand the importance of TRUST in a relationship. It is foundational if a relationship is to not only survive, but thrive.
By now, I’m sure you have heard of the Ashley Madison crisis.  I say “crisis” because the fallout is going to be noticeable.  There will be devastation in the aftermath of this scandal. Already there have been  reported  suicides attributed to this hack attack.
Many divorce lawyers, I’m sure,  are licking their chops at the thought of a surge in unexpected new business as heartbroken spouses file their cases.
Unfortunately, this Sunday, at churches, I expect that there will be resignations coming from the pulpit, either voluntarily or board-induced. I first was exposed to this very unfortunate likelihood through an Ed Stetzer post Either way it will be a tragedy.
Rightfully, we should  be angry about the thousands of individuals who have signed up on this website looking to have affairs. The sheer number of people willing to betray such a sacred trust, as marriage is disturbing in so many ways.
Compassionately,we should carry ourselves towards others and be aware that there are individuals, relationships, families, churches, communities, and state and federal agencies that are going to be greatly impacted because of the release of this information. There are going to many people who are going to be so caught off guard by this situation, and who will deal with a sense of being OVERWHELMED and not know if they can handle all the consequences of a spouse’s unfaithfulness.
Soberly, we should  be aware of the power of sin and humanity’s weakness to deal with it, apart from the power of God.  “There, but for the grace of God, so am I” should be a thought at the forefront of our mind.  Yeah, I never signed up on this Ashley Madison website, but would I like for all my thoughts and actions be displayed before the world—NO WAY!   I have to fight the power of sin every day and so should you.
Prayerfully consider how best to respond.   You can pray for those individuals caught up in such a state of mind that they would sign up on a website like this to have an affair. Something in their lives is terribly off.   You can pray for those affected by other’s transgressions.  You can pray for yourself to be vigilant in your own walk, so that you don’t get drawn away in to behaviors that are just wrong and hurtful to others.

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