“The problem with a pity party is…”


“The problem with a pity party is that, after a while, you notice you’re the only one there.”

–  anonymous –

We all have difficulties. We all have troubles.

We also all have choices on how we will react to challenges that come our way.  One common choice people make is to turn  our attention on ourselves and the circumstances we are in and feel sorry for ourselves.  “Wo  is me!” we  cry out to anyone who will listen.   We want others to know we have been dealt a bad hand.

But, what does such a self-centered attitude do?  Really, nothing but make your hardships even harder because people around you will begin separating themselves from you because they will get tired of hearing of your problems because most likely they have their own troubles.

So, how should we deal with the tough times when they come (and they will come)?

  • first, is to follow Biblical principles and “cast all your anxieties on Him because He cares about you”
  • second is to acknowledge the realities of all your current troubles and be honest with your emotions on how you feel about your troubles
  • third, find some space to just get a way.  Spend some time in prayer, take a bike ride, take a drive, work out, play an instrument, take a nap
  • fourth, confide in a friend what is going on  ( I believe you will find support knowing someone else is aware of your situation and expressing it to them)
  • lastly, begin taking steps (small ones at first) to working your way out of the problem.  Be patient as you look to recover-it will take time!


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