Have you been to your local…. recently?


Leaders are readers!  Its that simple.

In today’s world, I truly believe if you are not learning and growing, you are falling behind.  There are just too many changes happening in our world and too much of a need for wisdom and understanding to not only survive in our culture, but thrive.

Someone might say “But I’m not a reader.”  I understand that, but I think it might be helpful for you to not focus on the issue of reading or not, but on the vision for what benefits  can come from reading .

Whether its reading biographies, business books, history books ( I recently read about Lewis & Clark’s trip across the U.S. to chart out the new territory-fascinating), or books on the history of other countries (I’ve recently read about the history of both Mexico and Russia and learned so many new things) learning can be such a profitable experience.

Here are just a few benefits that can come from reading (I’m sure you can think of many more):

  • reading can give you a deeper appreciation for how our country and culture have come to a time such as this
  • reading can give you a deeper appreciation for other cultures
  • reading can help you be more skillful at communicating as you can experience how some authors so, very clearly are able to get their ideas across in a very understandable kind of way.
  • reading can help you converse more intelligently with other people as your knowledge base increases
  • reading can be a relaxing experience giving you a healthy balance to the stresses of life

Lastly, for those who default to the line of “I’m not a reader”  let me give you three suggestions to begin going down the road of being a reader:

  • first start with a topic that you are passionate about
  • go into the youth section of the library (rather than the adult section) .  The books are easier to read. They have more pictures. They are typically shorter in their page counts. They still can provide valuable content supplying you with info you did not know previously.  They will help you build momentum as you begin to accomplish finishing reading some books.
  • do it!    Within the next 72  hours make it a point to visit your local library and check out a book.  For some, you first might need to get a library card –    🙂



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