When is the last time you…


Its been a while since I laid out clearly the 5 steps of the Life Management System that I use.  Not only can these 5 steps be used personally to review all the areas of your life’s responsibilities (Devotion to God, Personal Health, Family, Stewardship, Work, Ministry/Volunteering/ Personal Leisure), but they could also be used in any one specific area, say Work.   The 5 steps are;

Taking the time to Evaluate-  this is just a matter of putting yourself in a position where you are undistracted and in a state of mind to be open to being brutally honest in examining your circumstances

Seeing all the areas of Responsiblity–too often, it is easy to emphasize one area of our lives over another.  The result could be that of having a temporary success in one area with regrets beginning to form in those other areas we neglect.

Making Priorities–It is an important thing to see clearly all of our  responsibilities, but somethings at certain times have more priority than others.  The challenge is to get ahead of the curve so that you can effectively work on those areas that truly are most urgent, long term, and not have to go into reactive mode and deal always with crisis situations.

Setting Goals- Being able to identify what are the priorities in your life is a huge step in getting your life in order, but the logical next step is how do you  handle those priorities?  In other words, what do you want to accomplish and when?  What are your specific goals and timeframes?

Managing the Process -With this step, its all about consistency and persevering. Please keep in mind with a life management system as I am describing it, you are not looking at running a sprint, you are looking at running a marathon.

So, what are you waiting for?  Be intentional and get started.  You will greatly benefit from putting these 5 steps into practice.



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