No one understands me, no one….. well, someone does


No one understands me.
No one understands the stress I have.
No one understands the confusion I feel.
No one understands the loneliness I’m experiencing.
No one understands the hurt I have.
No one understands what I’m going through.

Well,,,,,,, that’s not true.

I know a God who carried out the assignment to live PERFECTLY to rescue a human race enslaved to a cruel taskmaster and plagued by evil desires
I know a God who understood His love for humanity, but dwelt among people who consistently shunned, rebelled, and ignored Him
I know a God who was not understood by even His closest friends, and was betrayed by them
I know of a God who was willing to allow His Son to undergo unbelievable pain and physical torture from men, verbal abuse, and relentless spiritual attacks
I know a God who grieved over the death of a dear friend, and the blindness of people who were caught up in a lifestyle distant from God
I know of a God who knows exactly what you are going through because He has been there as well

AND,,,,,,, because unlike anyone else, He not only understands your circumstances, but He longs to meet you at the very place of your deepest pain to begin the healing and strengthening process.

Why would you want to either dwell alone in a place of pain, or struggle your way out of it, when Almighty God is so willing to come alongside and help you up?

Lastly, keep in mind that this Almighty God is a

Let me encourage you to reflect on the words of this powerful song and let the words of this song minister to you. Enjoy the awesome truth that you are loved.


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