The soldier’s deliberate step was like …


Step, pivot, step, pivot, click. On and on would go the very deliberate steps of the soldier manning the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. There was such an air of honor about watching this marching soldier. It was like each step he took had significance in paying respect to the fallen un-named soldier.

It’s interesting because I’ve been thinking a lot lately about being more intentional in the way that I live my life. I want my life to matter. I want my actions and my words to others to matter. I want to be more deliberate in my pursuit of living with meaning. So, when I saw this soldier marching recently, it just seemed to illustrate my thoughts so well-being deliberate about each step I take.

What I’m describing is not related to quitting my job and spending all my time in the Peace Corps. (not that there is anything wrong with it, but it is just not for everyone). What I am describing is blooming where you are planted and looking to be your best in all that you do, and recognizing that along the way of your normal routine in life, every person you encounter has the potential to be a life-changing experience (for you or the other person) AND an opportunity to honor the God who created you, and loves you.

So, as my head was thinking about all this, I read an e-mail from my cousin and his wife. My cousin has been fighting ALS now for a couple of years and his wife is by him ever step of the way.

They are living life one day at a time (very deliberate) and along the way, they are seeking to enjoy every minute of each day (although it can be very difficult most of the time). Throughout the hardships that come each day, they are not only persevering through it, but demonstrating a thankful spirit for each day they can be together. They are inspiring to me.

God has given them such grace to handle each day and they recognize Him for that. In the process, they also desire be a help to anyone else going through a time of difficulty. Even in their pains, they are looking to be used by God to be a blessing to someone else and to be able to honor His name.

Here are a few lines in a recent e-mail from them:

“Everyday when we go to bed together and wake up together in the morning we know it is a gift from God and we are BLESSED. Not so long ago it could have turned out differently. Not once, or twice, but THREE times Fred was at deaths door and the doctors told me so. I had anyone and everyone I know pray for Fred and if God would spare his life we would try to make a difference in someone else’s life…so here we are. Fred has gone from 119 pounds to 155 pounds. The doctor’s are in AWE of his good health. Yes his muscles are weak, but overall his body is strong and holding it’s own. I KNOW this is ALL because of the MIGHTY God we serve….He gave life and in an instant He can take it away. I want to know that I/We are on the right track when it’s “our time to go”. Even the doctor’s have made the statement that we must know someone who has a higher power than them..they cannot explain the improvement

Take care of each other and don’t let a day go by that you don’t tell your loved ones that you do love them…we never know when it might be our last.

Be deliberate in every word you speak and every action you take and as you do you will honor God and be a blessing to others.


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