Priorities get done


I want to tell you a story. It is fictional, but one that conveys a powerful point.

A young man scheduled an important job interview for 11:00. It was about a half hour drive to where this company had their headquarters.

About 9:00, he was doing some errands and stopped by a fast food restaurant to grab a quick breakfast to go. However, it took a little longer than he had expected because of a problem with one of their machines, so that got him a bit frustrated.
Then, when he got home to get dressed for the interview, he answered a call from an old friend that he hadn’t heard from in years. He tried to get off the call, but one story led to another as they were walking down memory lane.

By the time, he was able to get off that call, he was stressed. He quickly took a shower, and got somewhat dressed up (though he was upset that he couldn’t find that certain power tie he was sure would impress the person he was meeting with).

It was about now 10:40. He knew he was running late, but thought he could drive a little faster than normal, and hopefully make all the green lights.

Well, he did drive fast and made a lot of green lights, but he still ended up arriving at 11:07.
When he let the receptionist know that he was there for his 11:00 interview, the receptionist told him that the person he was there to see was on a very tight schedule that day and when he hadn’t shown up by 11:05, he thought something might have happened to you, or that it wasn’t important enough to you “to be on time”. Ouch!

What’s the point in this fictional story—its “priories get done”!

This young man knew the job interview was important, but he got distracted by other things and didn’t keep focused on what was MOST IMPORTANT.

Who was to blame for him missing his job interview and ultimately, the job? It wasn’t the fast food place that had a broken machine. It wasn’t an old friend who called out of the blue. The young man was responsible for missing the interview. It was his fault.

So, how about you? What is it that is most important to you? Think before you answer that question.
“Priorities get done”!

Are you letting a lot of “good things” (maybe even some “bad” things) distract you from what is the “best thing” for you?

Let me encourage you today to identify those very few things that are really most important and prioritize that they get done (and that they get done well). It might mean saying “no” to some things, but that is okay.

“Priorities get done”! What are your priorities?

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